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9/29/2022 - 5:30 PM  
Reports and Communications from the Board Clerk/Chief Officer, Office of Board Governance  
1. Monthly Report, with Possible Action, on Legislative Activities Affecting MPS  
Strategic Plan Compatibility Statement:
Goal 1
Academic Achievement
Goal 2
Student, Family and Community Engagement
Goal 3
Effective and Efficient Operations
BG 2.13 - Board Legislation Program  
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DPI Budget Request 9-19-22.pdf
On September 15, 2022, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) submitted its proposed budget for the 2023-24 and 2024-25 fiscal years. After two years in which per-pupil funding dropped $715 below the rate of an inflationary adjustment, and 14 years in which per-pupil funding has not kept pace with the rate of inflation, the proposal has been framed as a “recovery budget.” The DPI’s proposal adjusts per-pupil funding upward by $1,069 over the next two years and improves the reimbursement rate for special education from a still historically low 29% to 45% in the first year and 60% in 2024-25. The DPI recommends increasing the rate to 90% over the following two years in order to achieve the same level of support as that currently provided to private schools. Additional elements of the proposal are highlighted in the attached document provided by the DPI.  
Fiscal Impact Statement:
This item does not authorize expenditures.  
Implementation and Assessment Plan:
The District will continue to pursue appropriate support for students as part of the MPS Legislative Agenda.  
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Chris Thiel - Legislative Policy Specialist
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Jacqueline M. Mann, Ph.D. - Board Clerk/Chief Officer