Review Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 6/10/2021 - 5:30 PM
Type: Action
Subject: 7. Action on Resolution 2122R-005 by Director Peterson Regarding a Community Schools Work Group
Strategic Plan Compatibility Statement:
Goal 1
Academic Achievement
Goal 2
Student, Family and Community Engagement
Policy: Admin Policy 1.01 - Vision, Mission, Core Beliefs, and Goals
Attachments Resolution 2122R-005
File Attachment:
Resolution 2122R-005 .pdf
Background: At its May 27, 2021 meeting, the Board referred Resolution 2122R-005 by Director Peterson to create a Community Schools work group to the Committee on Student Achievement and School Innovation.

The Administration is in agreement with the resolution, with a suggested adjustment to the timeline included in the resolution as attached. This adjustment to the timeline (from November 2021 to December 2021 for introduction of the final policy) will allow the Administration to present the requested report and proposed administrative policy on Community Schools in November 2021, and utilize feedback from the Board to inform the final version in alignment with the policy review process and referral to the Committee on Legislation, Rules, and Policies in December 2021.
Fiscal Impact Statement: This item does not authorize expenditures.
Implementation and Assessment Plan Pending the Board's adoption of the resolution, the Administration will establish the work group regarding Community Schools.
Recommendation: The Administration recommends that the Board adopt Resolution 2122R-005 as attached.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Katrice Cotton, Ed.D. - Chief School Administration Officer
Signed By:
Keith Posley, Ed.D. - Superintendent