Review Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 8/18/2022 - 5:30 PM
Type: Action
Subject: 6. Action on a Request to Approve Seasonal Payments for the Use of School Facilities by Milwaukee Recreation
Strategic Plan Compatibility Statement:
Goal 3
Effective and Efficient Operations
Attachments Attachment 1 Seasonal Payment Summary
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Attachment 1 Seasonal Payment Summary.pdf
Background: The Community Program and Services (CPS) Fund 80 is used to account for activities such as adult education, community recreation programs (such as evening swimming pool operation and softball leagues), elderly food service programs, non-special education preschool, daycare services, and other programs which are not elementary and secondary educational programs but have the primary function of serving the community (Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction). Milwaukee Public Schools provides these programs through Milwaukee Recreation, primarily within school facilities.

The general fund cannot be used to pay costs related to Fund 80, Community Program and Services, including the cost for the use of school facilities. Therefore, as attached, seasonal payments for school facility use are proposed for Milwaukee Recreation. The payments are based on the actual cost to permit the use of our buildings as this is an established charge.
Fiscal Impact Statement: There will be $2,000,000 set aside within the Extension Fund to pay for the use of school facilities by MPS recreation from September 1, 2022, through August 31, 2023.
Implementation and Assessment Plan Pending Board approval, the Administration will work with Milwaukee Recreation to ensure proper payment is made on a seasonal basis and that 35 percent is designated for MPS building modifications (Americans with Disabilities Act improvements, equipment replacement, facility enhancements) to benefit the school and Milwaukee Recreation.
Recommendation: The Administration recommends that the Board approve up to $2,000,000 for seasonal payments for the use of school facilities by Milwaukee Recreation from September 1, 2022, through August 31, 2023.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Martha Kreitzman - Chief Financial Officer
Signed By:
Keith Posley, Ed.D. - Superintendent