Review Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 3/16/2023 - 5:30 PM
Type: Action
Subject: 5. Action on Monthly Facilities Matters: FMS Award of Construction and Professional Services Contracts, Material Purchases, Contract Modification, Exception-to-Bid, and Acceptance of the Air Quality Report
Strategic Plan Compatibility Statement:
Goal 3
Effective and Efficient Operations
Attachments 1. Recommendation
2. Contract-Property Solutions Contracting
3. Contract-Poblocki Paving Corp
4. Contract-Property Solutions Contracting
5. Contract-Eddy's Landscaping
6. Contract-Poblocki Paving Corp
7. Contract-Belonger Corporation Inc.
8. Contract-ALLCON, LLC
9. Contract-ALLCON, LLC
10. Prof Services Contract-FH Paschen
11. Prof Services Contract-Robe, Inc.
12. Prof Services Contract-Bear Hartwig
13. Prof Services Contract-Dardon Construction
14. Prof Services Contract-ALLCON, LLC
15. Prof Services Contract-Vertex
16. Prof Services Contract-Roman Electric
17. Prof Services Contract-Belonger Corp.
18. Prof Services Contract-CutNGo Trees
19. Prof Services Contract-Dorshak Family Tree
20. Prof Services Contract-M&M Tree Care
21. Prof Services Contract Modification-Outdoor Home Services d/b/a TruGreen
22. Prof Services Contract (ETB)-Siemens Inc
23. ESSER II Air Quality Report Summary
File Attachment:
Contract - Property Solutions Contracting - German Immersion.pdf
Contract - Poblocki Paving Corporation - Gaenslen.pdf
Contract - Property Solutions Contracting - Mitchell.pdf
Contract - Eddy's Landscaping Services, LLC - Riley.pdf
Contract - Poblocki Paving Corporation - Kluge.pdf
Contract - Belonger Corporation Inc. - Grant Gordon Learning Center.pdf
Contract - ALLCON, LLC - Neeskara Elementary School.pdf
Contract - ALLCON, LLC - Golda Meir Upper Years.pdf
Professional Services Contract - JOC - FH Paschen.pdf
Professional Services Contract - JOC - Robe Inc.pdf
Professional Services Contract - JOC - Bear Hartwig.pdf
Professional Services Contract - JOC - Dardon Construction.pdf
Professional Services Contract - JOC - ALLCON LLC.pdf
Professional Services Contract - JOC - Vertex.pdf
Professional Services Contract - JOC - Roman Electric.pdf
Professional Services Contract - JOC - Belonger Corporation Inc.pdf
Professional Services Contract - CutNGo Trees - Various.pdf
Professional Services Contract - Dorshak Family Tree & Landscape, Inc. - Various.pdf
Professional Services Contract - M&M Tree Care LLC - Various.pdf
Professional Services Contract Modification - Outdoor Home Services Holdings LLC dba TruGreen.pdf
Professional Services Contract - Siemens Inc. - Desigo Server Upgrades 2023 - Priority 1 & 2 - Various MPS Sites.pdf
MPS - ESSER II Air Quality Report_Summary of Activities_2023_03-05.pdf
Background: Listed below are the Construction and Professional Services Contracts, Material Purchases, Contract Modification and Exception to Bid Requests recommended for the Board approval:
Construction Contracts:
- Property Solutions Contracting for Green Infrastructure-German Immersion; Code: MBM HA G53 GI EMTC = $1,263,455.90
- Poblocki Paving Corp. for Green Infrastructure-Gaenslen; Code: MBM HA G53 GS EMTC = $1,121,190.00
- Property Solutions Contracting for Green Infrastructure-Mitchell; Code: MBM HA G53 MI EMTC = $972,521.00
- Eddy's Landscaping Services, LLC for Green Infrastructure-Riley; Code: MBM HA G53 RI EMTC = $833,000.00
- Poblocki Paving Corp. for Green Infrastructure-Kluge; Code: MBM HA G53 KL EMTC = $1,826,818.00
- Belonger Corp. for Heating Plant Replacement-Grant Gordon; Code: FAR 00 MM2 LE ECNC = $2,310,000.00
- ALLCON LLC for Fire Alarm Upgrades-Neeskara; Code: MBM 0A 9J3 FM ECNC = $814,629.00
- ALLCON LLC for Fire Alarm Upgrades-Golda Meir; Code: MBM 0A 9J3 FM ECNC = $288,102.00
Professional Services Contracts:
- Various firms for Job Order Contracting-various sites; Code: Various = Not to exceed $24,000,000.00 over the 3-year term
- Various firms for Tree Removal and Pruning Services-various sites; Code: STS 00 RFI RC ECNC = Not to exceed $300,190.00
Material Purchases:
- Quality Door & Hardware for Exterior Door Replacement-Bruce; Code: FCM 00 ECE BU ECNC7 = $115,385.47
- C-D-P, Incorporate/Vertiv Corporation for Cooling System Replacement-Special Services Center; Code: MBM 0A 9J3 FM ECNC = $295,208.00
- Expenditure authority is requested for Outdoor Home Services Holdings LLC d/b/a TruGreen (blanket contract BC1001231); Code: Various = $50,000.00 per year (not to exceed $100,000.00 for each year of the contract)
The Administration recommends that the Board authorize the sole-source contract, for Siemens Industry Inc., $635,182.20.
The exception from the requirement of a competitive procurement process for this contract has been granted on the basis that the services under this contract are considered one-of-a-kind and competitive vendors do not exist (Administrative Policy 3.09(7)(e)(1)(b)(i)).
Fiscal Impact Statement: This item authorizes expenditures for:
Construction Contracts:
Total Construction Contracts Requested = $9,429,715.90
Professional Services Contracts:
Total Professional Services Contracts Requested = Not to Exceed $24,300,190.00
Material Purchases:
Total Material Purchases Requested = $410,593.47
Contract Modification:
Total Contract Modification Requested = $50,000.00 Per Year
Exception to Bid:
Total Exception to Bid Request = $635,182.20
Implementation and Assessment Plan Upon Board approval, the attached construction and professional services contracts, material purchases, contract modification, exception to bid, and air quality report shall be executed.
Recommendation: The Administration recommends that the Board
1. approve the attached construction and professional services contracts, material purchases, contract modification, and exception to bid, as presented in the attachments; and
2. accept the Air Quality Report.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Shannon Agor - Administrative Assistant III
Signed By:
Sean Kane - Senior Director - Facilities & Maintenance Services
Signed By:
Michele Wilborn - Budget Analyst
Signed By:
Katrice Cotton, Ed.D. - Chief School Administration Officer
Signed By:
Keith Posley, Ed.D. - Superintendent