Review Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 4/23/2024 - 5:30 PM
Category: Appointment of Board Representatives
Type: Action
Subject: 3. Appointment of the Board's Representative to CESA #1
Strategic Plan Compatibility Statement:
Policy: 1.28 - Board Memberships
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Background: CESAs (Cooperative Educational Service Agencies) "...serve educational needs in all areas of Wisconsin by serving as a link between school districts and between school districts and the state. Cooperative Educational Service Agencies may facilitate communication and cooperation among all public and private schools, agencies, and organizations that provide services to pupils." (Wisconsin State Statutes, Chapter 116, 1983)

CESA #1 is a cooperative governed by an 11-member Board of Control representing 45 public school districts in southeastern Wisconsin. The Board of Control is elected by a delegate assembly at the CESA #1's annual convention. The delegate assembly consists of one school board member from each of the school districts in the CESA #1 region, with special provisions made for areas served by union high/K-8 districts.

The Board of Control sets policy, determines and assesses services to be delivered, and approves program costs. The Board of Control is also responsible for authorizing expenditures to operate CESA #1, including those for personnel, space, and equipment. It also appoints the executive director for CESA #1.

The Board's representative is also a member of the Board of Control for the current year.
Fiscal Impact Statement:
Implementation and Assessment Plan
Recommendation: That the Board select its representative to CESA #1 for the current board Year.
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Signed By:
Jill Kawala - Interim Director/Board Clerk